Flying to European cities for less and enjoying frequent flyer benefits with Easyjet

If you are looking for cheap flights from the UK to destinations across Europe, Easyjet might be the right choice: amazing deals are only a click away if you book your trip through their website. This year, some of their top cities to travel to are located in Spain (Ibiza, Madrid, Mallorca, Tenerife, Valencia…), Italy (Milan, Rome, the Amalfi Coast) or Portugal  (Lisbon, Porto and Algarve) to name just a few.

Furthermore, if you travel regularly and wish to have the lowest fares guaranteed every time you fly, along with all the privileges that come with the “frequent flyer” status, you may want to sign up for your Easyjet plus card. It will cost you 199£ a year, yet you will be saving time and money as it grants you benefits such as being able to choose your seat on the plane in advance, using exclusive bag drop desks and accessing the fast track to the security control.

Also, when you are a holder of the EasyJet Plus card, and as long as you provide your personal number either during the online booking process or to the ground crew at the check-in desk, you will be escorted to the Speedy Boarding queue so that you can board the plane before the rest of the passengers.

The advantages, though, start much earlier, as there are a considerable number of discounts you can apply for while organising your trip, including cheaper parking space at the airport, lower admission fees to airport VIP passenger lounges across the UK and Europe –with complimentary WiFi, meals and drinks-, private shuttle from the terminal to your hotel at special member rates and even the possibility to reschedule your flight to an earlier time of the day without additional costs.

If we look at the different budget airlines in Europe selling seats at low prices, Easyjet is among those offering –according to travellers- best value for money. Cheap flights to top destinations, simple and fast booking through the Internet, plenty of additional features available to organise your journey and adequate customer service both on the ground and onboard are some of the incentives leading to the recommendation of this airline.

Are you planning a trip to your dream European destination? Find now a hotel room in some of the trendiest cities:

Hotels in Barcelona / Hotels in London / Hotels in Amsterdam


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