Charging the battery of your smartphone at the airport

You are waiting to board your flight, still a few hours to go until you get home and you are running out of battery at the airport. You have already looked everywhere in the terminal but apparently there is no sign of electrical outlets available for passengers. Especially when you are travelling for work and need to stay connected, this increasingly commonplace situation becomes a real nightmare.

As of today, many airports across the world have integrated battery-charging stations as a complimentary service for travellers. In most cases they can be used for an unlimited period of time at no cost, and they resemble office cubicles, in such a way that you will be able to get some work done on your laptop while using the electrical outlets and even enjoy some privacy thanks to the panel separating  your desk from the adjacent one. If you have a long waiting time ahead, bring your coffee with you and relax while the batteries of all your devices are recharged.

Both Adolfo Suárez – Madrid Barajas airport and Barcelona-El Prat, members of the Aena network of Spanish airports, feature cubicles with seats and several outlets where you can plug your phone, laptop or tablet and charge their battery.

If you are travelling to Madrid and will depart from Terminal 4 of Barajas airport, look for the battery charging station after security. Go downstairs towards gates H-J-K and it is right in front of the shops surrounded by large digital advertising boards. Here you will be able to charge your phone battery for free.

Terminal 2B of El Prat airport in Barcelona also offers a specific area with seats and cubicles with several outlets to plug your mobile device at no cost. You will find it after security on your way to the R-S-U boarding gates, just opposite a Mango store. Take this chance to unwind before boarding, read a book, have a last cup of coffee and fly out of the city with full batteries.

In the event that all outlets are being used and you urgently need to charge the battery of your phone at the airport, you can always turn to the power outlets in the nearest toilet, or find some hidden ones, like those that are usually placed by the vending machines, even when they are not specifically designated for this purpose.

Also, some restaurants and cafés have electrical outlets beside the tables so that you can have your meal and charge your phone or laptop at the same time, as is the case with Caffé di Fiore in El Prat’s terminal 2 and Pans&Company in terminal 1, both in the public zone of Barcelona International Airport.