How to gain access to the Marhaba passenger lounges in Dubai International Airport

If you are having a layover in Dubai but you do not consider it worthwhile to book a hotel room for just a few hours, there is still no reason why you should not enjoy the comfort of a VIP lounge at Dubai International airport. Fortunately, now we can be granted admission to this service even when we do not fly First Class or Business Class, and without the need for signing up for a frequent flyer program. Companies like Marhaba Services provide access to its exclusive spaces after we have paid the corresponding fee and, on many occasions, we will even find it cheap as we can eat, rest and have a shower before boarding another plane without leaving the terminal, thus saving on hotel expenses.

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The Marhaba Lounge in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport (IATA Code: DXB), next to boarding gate B21, remains open 24 hours every day of the year and can be used by any passenger who has paid the entrance fee. Inside it, one can enjoy high-speed WiFi connection, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, snacks, a flight information panel, TV channels, newspapers and magazines.

What is more, if we just arrived from a long haul flight and we need a shower or a nap, we may rent the facilities to do so for forty-five minutes (in the case of the shower), or between 1 and 4 hours if we require one of their cosy sleeping pods. Note that these extra services require the payment of an additional fee aside from the initial one. The privilege of being able to do all this without leaving the airport will undoubtedly save us money and time (something really important in intercontinental travel).

The greatest advantage offered by the Marhaba lounge is that you can fly economy and still indulge in a premium service of this kind in Dubai. Nevertheless, we must bear in mind that, under some other conditions, we may as well enter this and other VIP lounges in Dubai airport free of charge: for instance, being a member of the Priority Pass traveller program, flying with Emirates, having purchased a Lounge Pass through the Internet beforehand in order to ensure there is availability for us, or having subscribed to a travel miles program by Mastercard or other credit cards.