Airlines having their location at Los Angeles International Airport changed as of 16th May 2017

International travellers must be aware that 21 airlines are having their operation areas relocated within Los Angeles airport, and so they could have go to a different terminal when departing from LAX from now on. Some of the airline companies undergoing location changes will just have their check-in counters relocated, others will even have their boarding gates in another terminal, thus making passengers pass through a newly designated security filter.

Modifications will be carried out overnight, in such a way that neither delays nor flight cancellations are expected. Furthermore, during this process that comes to an end on May 16th 2017, extra signposting and guiding staff will be at the airport to help travellers get to the correct terminal.

In those cases where commuting between terminals is mandatory (because the airline has their check-in area in one terminal and the gates in another), it is quite likely the company you are flying with will provide a complimentary bus. You can also use the free LAX shuttle running services between the terminals every 10 minutes, which stays operational 24 hours a day every day of the year.

The official source, Los Angeles International Airport, has given passengers specific advice to be taken into account during this transformation, such as having their online boarding passes printed or downloaded in advance as well as confirming the flight details –terminal and gate- with their airline before heading to LAX. Arriving at the airport earlier than usual is a must.

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Check below whether your airline is being relocated in Los Angeles airport and where to

Both Air Canada and XL France used to operate from Terminal 2; from now on, they will do it from Terminal 6.

Travellers flying with Allegiant no longer need to go to Terminal 3; the new check-in area will be in Terminal 5 and then they may walk to Terminal 6 to pass through security and reach their boarding gate.

West Jet and Avianca had their operations at Terminal 2; now, the first one will operate from Terminal T3 while Avianca has its check-in counters in T3 but their planes are boarded in the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

Boutique Air as well as Virgin America are relocating their activity from Terminal 3 to Terminal 6.

Frontier counters used to be found in T3, now you will need to do your check in in T6 and then walk –allowing some extra time- to T5 for departure.

Copa Airlines had the check-in counters in Terminal 6 before the change, and the boarding gates in TBIT; from now on, the check-in will be done in Terminal 3, and passengers will go to Tom Bradley International either on foot or by riding the complimentary shuttle.

Hainan, Qatar and Thomas Cook, which operated from T2 prior to the relocation, will now operate from TBIT. However, Volaris will keep its check-in area in Terminal 2 and passengers with a boarding pass will be taken by bus to the Tom Bradley International terminal to board the plane.

Hawaiian Airlines, which used to be in Terminal 2, will from now on be in Terminal 5.

Interjet moves from T2 to T3 for check-in purposes, and to TBIT for security screenings and departures.

Both Jetblue and Spirit are relocating from Terminal 3 to Terminal 5.

Southwest International disappears from T2 and starts operating from T1 for check-in, then transporting passengers to TBIT for departure.

In the case of Virgin Australia, check-in counters are being relocated from T3 to T2, but passengers will still have to board their plane in Tom Bradley International Terminal, which they can reach either on foot or by taking the free shuttle bus.