Transportation between McCarran International airport and downtown Las Vegas

Is fabulous Las Vegas your next destination? If you are already planning your trip to Sin City, you are probably trying to figure out how to get from the airport to your hotel in Las Vegas Strip or its surroundings. The public and private shuttle options are varied, yet equally fast and easy to access from the terminals.

Travelling by taxi to and from Las Vegas airport in USA

Should you decide to take a taxi upon arrival, you will need to go either to the east-side exit of the baggage claim area in T1 or to the parking lot on the zero floor in T3. Join the queue if there are other passengers waiting, as airport staff will diligently indicate when your turn comes and which cab you must get into and you will be on your way in no time.

Bear in mind that most taxi drivers only accept cash and that all ride fares have a surcharge of 2 US dollars if you hop into the cab inside the airport terminals. If you are a group of more than five travellers, you won’t be allowed to travel together in just one car.

Public bus lines from McCarran International airport to Las Vegas city

Buses covering the routes 108, 109 and Westcliff Airport Express depart from Terminal 1 (floor zero) towards different points of the city. As for Terminal 3, the available bus lines are Westcliff Airport Express and Centennial Express, departing from the termini located on the second floor. You are advised to visit this link to check their schedules beforehand and, most importantly, whether they stop near your hotel in Las Vegas or not.

Booking a shuttle transfer to and from the airport to save money in Vegas

Provided that the transfer from and to the passenger terminal is not included in your hotel rate, you can always book a ride in a group shuttle at a reduced price, sharing a van with other travellers yet most likely being dropped off right at the very entrance of your chosen accommodation in The Strip.

Shuttle vans can be found next to the bus stops in both terminals. For further assistance on how to use this service, head to the information points of the airport.

Going from Las Vegas airport to The Strip

Perhaps you travel to Las Vegas on the occasion of your Bachelorette party or maybe you are celebrating something really special. Why not arrive at your Vegas hotel in a luxury car? The listed below are some Vegas limousine services operating from McCarran International airport:

Bell Limousine

Las Vegas Limousines