Using fast lanes to the security filters at El Prat International airport in Barcelona

As is the case with most airports, El Prat has exclusive security filters for travellers flying out of Barcelona without much time to spare. Or for those who just want to skip the long queues at the conventional screening. This way, and provided that you have already checked in online with your airline, going from the landside to your boarding gate will be a breeze.

Being granted access to an exclusive priority lane will help you save precious time, but bear in mind that you won’t enjoy any privileges when it comes to passing through security: just like all the other passengers, you will be asked to remove your boots, belt and metallic accessories, to place your laptop and electronic devices in a separate tray to be scanned and to show any form of identification that may be requested.

That being said, avoiding queues when you cannot allow extra time before your boarding time or maybe just enjoying this benefit with a view to spending more at the airport shops is within your reach for a nominal fee of 4 euros. You can purchase an access before your trip to Barcelona through Aena’s official website or by downloading their app.

The fast tracks to security at El Prat are located in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2B, and are easily found by following the signposting inside the airport. They remain permanently available for passengers (24 hours a day, 365 days a year), and can also be accessed free of charge by travellers flying business class or members of frequent flyer programmes. Contact your airline or premium travel services company for any enquiries regarding your eligibility.

Fees do not apply to children under 2 years old, nevertheless, if the reason why you are choosing the Fast Lane service is that you travel with kids, you should know that there is another exclusive security filter specifically designated for that purpose and there is no need to pay in order to use it.

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