Lufthansa first class lounges for passengers in Frankfurt airport

Business travellers passing through Frankfurt am Main airport in Germany may spend their waiting time before boarding the plane in the most stylist and comfortable passenger lounges. Being located in a city known as a global financial hub, and serving as main operational base for Lufthansa international flights -along with the services provided by Lufthansa City Line, Lufthansa Cargo and Condor-, Frankfurt airport truly strives for excellence when it comes to catering to frequent flyers’ needs.

Location of the Lufthansa first class lounges at FRA

If you travel for work and take a business trip to Frankfurt, you will find the Lufthansa first class lounges in Terminal 1. Passengers travelling within the Schengen area must use the one next to gate A13 in the concourse A, whereas travellers bound for countries other than EU ones or non-Schengen destinations are invited to the lounge situated between the boarding gates B22 and B22 in concourse B.

Who can access the Lufthansa first class lounges in Frankfurt?

In order to be granted admission to the facilities and enjoy the amenities and refreshment at your disposal, you must be flying with Lufthansa or Swiss, have purchased a first class seat and show a valid boarding pass corresponding to your confirmed departure from Frankfurt airport on that very same day. The two lounges remain open from 5:15 to 22:00 every day, although you will only be able to use it when departing and not when arriving.

What can you do inside the Lufthansa first class lounge?

First and foremost, these lounges at FRA airport are perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of the terminals and relax before your flight. The Lufthansa first class lounges ensure you have a comfortable sofa to feel like at home, yet without losing your privacy thanks to the convenient arrangement of seats in the space. Both premises feature several equipped bathrooms with complimentary toiletries for you to have a bath or shower.

In case you are hungry, spend some time in the dining area and either help yourself at the buffet or order from their a-la-carte menu. Know that there is also a specifically designated area for smokers where you can smoke a last cigarette without disturbing other travellers in the lounge. The added value of the Lufthansa lounges in Frankfurt airport comes with their Spa centre, available from 7:30 to 21:00, and a library.

For those last-minute tasks still to be completed while in the city, users of the Lufthansa first class lounge also have office equipment and WiFi so that they can send the last e-mails and messages, print documents, prepare a meeting or rehearse their next presentation. Bear in mind that if a colleague or family member is coming along with you as a guest to the lounge, he or she must have a valid boarding pass for the same flight you are on.

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