Where to eat in Miami International airport

Miami International airport in the United States has an unbeatable array of choices on offer when it comes to eating and drinking both before and after the security checkpoints. As travellers navigate through the concourses in the North, Central and South terminals of MIA, they are given a wonderful chance to discover new flavours and already start to explore the world by tasting meals from different countries.

If you are planning your trip to Miami and would like to know more about places to eat upon arrival or before departure, we have compiled a selection of the best restaurants in Miami International airport.

Find our suggested eateries in MIA below sorted by terminal and specific area:

North Terminal, concourse D: 305 Pizza (Italian food)

It must be taken into account that the North terminal of Miami airport is the largest one and you may need to ride the Skytrain in order to reach your gate. The 305 Pizza establishment is located next to gate D27 and sells delicious pizza in the transit area of the terminal building, along with paninis, salads and cold drinks. It stays open from 6:00 to 22:00.

Central Terminal, concourse E: Air Margaritaville (Mexican food)

Situated on the second floor of the public zone before the passport control, this mexican restaurant in MIA airport is famous for its margaritas and cocktails, although passengers find it extremely appealing because of the lively atmosphere and hearty dishes: burgers, nachos, steaks and fries are, for many, the perfect pre-flight meal.

Central Terminal, concourse F: Guava & Java (Brazilian food)

You will find the Brazilian Coffee Guava & Java after security and next to gate F14. Here, they serve savoury guava pastry with coffee, as well as sandwiches, cold drinks, yoghourts, fruit and more. Ideal for early birds, as it opens at 5:30 in the morning.

Central Terminal, concourse G: Villa Italia Kitchen (Italian food)

Also on the upper level of the central terminal, you may check your bags and enjoy some Italian cuisine in Miami before passing through the security filter. At this specialised restaurant, you may order freshly baked pizza slices, garlic bread, fresh pasta and traditional desserts. Service starts at 10:00 and finishes at 20:30.

South Terminal, concourse H: Café Brioche Doree (French delicacies)

The best thing that can happen to a coffee lover catching an early flight in Miami airport is to find out they have to board their plane in concourse H. Café Brioche Doree offers mouth-watering sandwiches, truly authentic French croissants, pastries and scones and the finest gourmet coffee. Open from 5:30 to 21:00.

South Terminal, concourse J: Bongos (Cuban food)

You may want to add a visit to this Cuban restaurant in Miami airport to your travel schedule just as one more attraction, since this is the Cuban cuisine chain owned by Gloria and Emilio Stefan. What is more, if you are flying to a destination in the Caribbean, starting off your journey by enjoying traditional dishes washed down with “mojitos” at the boarding lounge is a must. Bear in mind that it is located after security in this terminal, and that it stays open between 11:00 and 20:00 only.

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