Better than a hotel? Sleeping cabins in Helsinki airport, Finland

Helsinki Vantaa is the busiest international airport in Finland and the main gateway into Helsinki for travellers flying from foreign countries. Also, it does not only serve as hub for the Finnish flag airline company Finnair, but it stands out as the most important one handling long-haul flights and connections in Northern Europe. Its strategic location allows just-arrived passengers to reach the city centre in less than 30 minutes thanks to the airport shuttle bus lines.

If you are having a layover in Finland or flying out of Helsinki International airport with too many hours to spend before boarding, you are strongly advised to check out their GoSleep Lounge: it offers private sleeping cabins or pods for travellers to take a nap, get some good night’s sleep, unwind, recharge the batteries of their electronic devices and safely store their hand luggage without worrying about it being stolen.

These sleeping capsules in Helsinki airport are located in the Schengen departures area of T1 after security, so you must hold a boarding pass and have cleared the passport control in order to enjoy the facilities. To be exact, they are situated next to gate 12, so head over to this area straight away upon your arrival at the terminal -either to catch your flight or while in transit to another destination- to make the most of your relax time before flying again.

Each cabin includes a cover for absolute privacy which enables proper ventilation at the same time, power and USB outlets for smartphones and tablets, a storage compartment and a convertible bed to stay at the airport overnight or for a few hours. Toilets are shared with the rest of travellers in the terminal building. Bear in mind that only carry-on luggage can be stored in these pods.

The staff on site will provide you with blankets and pillows as well as inform you of their rates and availability. If you prefer, you can book your sleeping pod in Helsinki Vantaa airport before you fly, thus saving precious time and probably some money that might help you meet other travelling expenses.

Do you travel to Helsinki regularly or are you a member of the Finnair passenger loyalty programme? For your information, frequent flyers who have gained admission to the Finnair lounge as business, platinum or gold members may use the GoSleep capsules at no charge.

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