The Rijksmuseum of Schiphol: an art gallery inside Amsterdam’s airport

Amsterdam Schiphol is the busiest airport of the Netherlands and the main international gateway for air travellers into the city. It also serves as the European hub for KLM airlines and, therefore, as the operational base for all of its domestic, international and code sharing flights connecting a large number of worldwide destinations.

One of the perks of travelling Europe is the unavoidable immersion in art and culture you get to experience virtually everywhere; one would even dare to say that you can breathe it in the air, and this is true to such an extent that museums are starting to be installed in the terminal buildings of airports.

Since 2002, passengers arriving to or departing from AMS have the chance to enjoy artistic works of the original Rijksmuseum in its branch situated on the airside of Schiphol. The airport museum has both a permanent and a temporary exhibition displaying masterpieces of the Dutch Golden Age by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Vincent Van Gogh, among many others.

The Rijksmuseum in Schiphol is located after security in the area known as Holland Boulevard, in between concourses 2 and 3 to be exact. Admission is free and entrance is permitted 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Those passing through this airport in the Netherlands may visit the art gallery under two conditions: they must show a valid boarding pass to fly on the same date and have time to spare before boarding.

If you are planning your trip to Amsterdam, we advise you to allow some extra time on your day of departure so that you can spend your wait at the airport in such a different and inspiring manner. The permanent exhibition consists of ten works, whereas the temporary one changes over the course of each year; thus, those who fly to Schiphol on a periodical basis are lucky enough to see a different exhibition after every landing.

Aside from a gift shop selling souvenirs from the museum, Amsterdam airport offers other educational options for travellers which include a science museum and a library. We strongly believe that visiting these facilities help passengers to relax and get into a good mood before flying.

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