Airport lounges in Gatwick (London, UK)

Are you taking a connecting flight in LGW? Already planning your trip to London? If you are passing through one of the two terminals of Gatwick airport and have some hours to spare before boarding the plane, it would be a very good idea to get access to an airport lounge. There is a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service for travellers to commute between the North Terminal and the South Terminal running every day of the year; however, bear in mind that you will only be given access to lounges in the same terminal from which you are flying out.

If your flight departing from Gatwick is operated by Air Canada, Easyjet, Emirates, Virgin Atlantic or Aeroflot, you must go to the North Terminal. If you have purchased a plane ticket with Aegean Airlines, Aer Lingus, Ryanair, Swiss, Tap Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines, Vueling, Wizz, Bulgaria Air, Cathay Pacific, Flybe, Iberia, Norwegian, British Airways, Air Europa or Austrian, you need to stay in the South Terminal.

How to get into the airport lounges of Gatwick airport in London

Any passenger with a boarding pass may be granted access to the VIP lounges regardless of the category of their plane ticket or the airline they are flying with, as long as the date printed on the boarding pass coincides with the current date.

The right to use an airport lounge in Gatwick is granted automatically to passengers flying business and first class with certain airlines (you are advised to confirm this privilege with them in advance) as well as to those who are members of frequent flyer programs like Priority Pass or enjoy the advantages of using American Express or Mastercard credit cards and have adhered to their travel promotions.

Nevertheless, all lounges in LGW are open for economy travellers flying with any airline, and day-passes can be purchased either at the door (in case you make up your mind at the last minute) or online. You may secure your access by visiting the website of the travel services provider after booking your hotel in London or by paying for admission online on Gatwick airport’s official website.

Gatwick airport lounges for passengers sorted by terminal

Lounges in the North Terminal:

No1Lounge, the largest in the entire facilities, offers catering, runway views, unlimited WiFi and papers and magazines that you can take with you to the airplane. You can stay inside this exclusive space in Gatwick up to 3 hours before your scheduled departure, even though if your flight gets delayed you are given the option to purchase extra time. Find it near gates 101-113.

The Clubrooms, adjacent to the no1lounge, are a more sophisticated area where you may celebrate a special occasion, enjoy fine dining or have a moment of luxury before flying.

My Lounge is a nice spot for early morning flights, as a varied breakfast buffet is served daily, as well as a wide range of choices for light meals during the day. There are also hot drinks and cold beverages available, and travellers may use free WiFi, iMacs, a PlayStation and charge the batteries of their portable electronic devices. In order to arrive, clear the security control and go to your left.

Aspire Lounge in Gatwick airport. In line with their highly-regarded guest service, this lounge provides free wireless internet access, good food and daily press. For a nominal extra fee, guests may have a glass of champagne and use phones and fax machines. It is found after security by following the signage to the lounge pavilion.

Airport lounges in the South Terminal of Gatwick:

No1Lounge. This lounge features the same amenities as the no1lounge in the NorthTerminal, and it is located in the upper level of the departures hall. It must be noted that, provided that you book your pass through their website, you also get complimentary access to the fast lane to security.

Clubrooms. As was the case with the North Terminal, these are situated right by the no1lounge and cater to the needs of first class travellers (only adults) with cocktails, fine wine, spirits, champagne and artisan beers.

The Regus Express Business Lounge. As an exception, this business lounge in Gatwick airport is located in the public area. It accommodates fully equipped meeting rooms and working spaces along with showers for travellers to use upon arrival or before departure. It is an ideal place to compliment deals or meet with potential clients while on the go.

Remember that Gatwick airport stands 47 kilometres away from London city, yet it offers excellent connections to the downtown and other nearby regions thanks to transport services like Gatwick Express, Thameslink trains, the Oxford Bus Company and the EasyBus.

Will your stay be longer than just a few hours? We advise you to book a room in one of the transit hotels in London Gatwick.