Transport from Moscow airports (Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo)

One of the things that travellers are most frequently warned about when planning a trip to Moscow is that they must do some research ahead of departure in order to find the transportation options that best suit their needs. The two main airports in the Russian capital where the large majority of international flights land (Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo) are both located more than 25 kilometres away from the city centre. In this post, we will give you some advice on which means of transport you can choose to go from the airport to Moscow during your business trip, or even if you travel to attend an official match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia being held in St. Petersburg or Volgograd.

Travellers with flights to Moscow DME airport

Domodedovo International airport is situated 40 kilometres south of central Moscow and, depending on how you travel, the journey may take about one hour.

In order to get from Domodedovo airport to Moscow downtown, we suggest:

Option 1 (cheapest): Take shuttle bus 308 to Domodedovskaya metro station, it departs every 15 minutes and the commute lasts a little less than half an hour. Once there, transfer to Line2 of Moscow subway, which will take you to Moscow centre in 30 minutes approximately.

Option2 (fastest): Use the high-speed Aeroexpress train. Upon your arrival in Domodedovo airport in Russia, follow the signage guiding you towards the railway station. Aeroexpress trains depart every 30 minutes and are the quickest way to get to the downtown with your luggage, as it does not make any intermediate stops, meaning that is a fully direct service (45 minutes). Other cheaper trains also run services from the terminal’s station, but the journey lasts over one hour.

Don’t forget to confirm if your accommodation in Moscow provides shuttle transfers to and from the airport, as in such case you may not need to use public transportation.

Going from Moscow Domodedovo to St. Petersburg

You can get from Moscow to St. Petersburg by train in just 4 hours thanks to the Sapsan lines. However, you must first travel from the airport to Leningradsky railway station with shuttle bus 308 and then transferring to line2 of the Moscow metro. These services start as early as 5:40 in the morning, so you can rest assured you will be able to catch a train early as well.

Travelling to Volgograd from DME airport in Moscow

Some matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia take place in Volgograd. Commuting to this city from Moscow implies a 17-hour long journey by bus, but if you are into new experiences and do not mind sleeping while on the move, know that Tiaga buses depart daily from Paveletskaya station, to which you can get by taking the Aeroexpress train at the airport terminal.

Travellers with flights to Moscow SVO airport

If you are flying to Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow, which is located 29 kilometres north of the city centre, you have similar transportations options to those of passengers arriving in DME.

Getting from Sheremetyevo airport to central Moscow

In order to reach the city after landing in SVO airport in Russia, take an Aeroexpress train (services start at 6:00 every morning), departing every 30 minutes from the airport’s railway station and taking around 35 minutes to complete the journey from this location.

Alternatively, you may use public bus lines or the 851 C Express during the day. By night, buses depart from Sheremetyevo to Moscow city twice per hour.

Going from Moscow SVO airport to St. Petersburg

As described in the previous section, the Sapsan trains are the fastest way to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg. However, if your flight lands in Sheremetyevo airport, you will also need to commute to Leningradsky railway station by bus, taking line 851 C and combining it with subway Line2 in order to arrive. After 4 hours, you will be ready to enjoy the football game or check in at your hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Travelling to Volgograd from Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow

Once again, the Tiaga buses are our recommended ground transportation to get to Volgograd from Moscow (allow one extra day in your trip planning), but bear in mind that you will need to take a taxi from the Sheremetyevo arrivals area to the Paveletskaya station. If you prefer to avoid commuting long distances by road, you can also find accommodation in Volgograd.