Checked and hand baggage allowances of low-cost European airlines (2019)

During a trip planning process, it is very likely that a whole variety of questions arise, especially when you are going to fly with an airline you have never flown with before or after a long period of time over which regulations and fares have probably been modified.

How many pieces of hand luggage can I take into the cabin with me? What are the accepted dimensions of carry-on and checked luggage? Am I allowed to board with my duty free purchases as hand bags? Does travelling with baggage imply the payment of additional fees? These are just some of the most commonly asked questions, so we have gathered helpful updated info about what the main low-cost European airlines –Ryanair, Easyjet, Vueling, Eurowings, Norwegian, Level and Transavia- have to say about the size of hand luggage in 2019 and other baggage conditions.


The free hand baggage allowance in Ryanair flights is one small piece which can be as large as 40x20x25 cm and must fit under the seat in front of you. Should you want to bring a larger piece of luggage with you (up to 10 kg.) as well, you must purchase a 10kg Check-in Bag online at the time of booking or, in other words, purchase a Priority Ryanair plane ticket. This fee increases if you purchase it later on offline.

You may add up to 3 checked bags weighing 20 kg maximum, each of which will cost 25 € (fees may increase on selected flights or dates), and excess weight will be charged at 11 € per kilogram.

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On an Easyjet flight, you can take one piece of hand luggage onboard at no charge, which should be no larger than 56x45x25 according to the airline company’s website, although there will be no restrictions as long as you are able to place it in the overhead locker above your seat. Notwithstanding that, if there is not space for your hand bag when you board, it will be put into the hold at no cost.

Other small items like an umbrella, a coat or a bag with airport duty free purchases are allowed. Moreover, if you are a holder of the Easyjet Plus card or have selected a Flexi Fare, one extra carry-on bag (45x36x20 maximum) will be added to the pieces of luggage you can have with you inside the cabin.

Regarding checked bags, you may add up to 3 pieces of 23 kg each, paying the corresponding fees according to where you are flying to. Extra weight can be purchased t a maximum of 32kg per bag.


Vueling airlines lets passengers board the plane with one piece of hand luggage and one personal item (personal bag or laptop case) for free. Your airport shopping is also permitted. The cabin trolley or larger item should not weigh more than 10 kg (or more than 14 if you have paid and Excellence fare) and the maximum accepted dimensions are 55x40x20 cm. The size of your personal bag or case must be 35x20x20 cm or less.

Adding checked baggage to your ticket is always cheaper if you do it online. Vueling charge different checked luggage fares starting from as low as 3 €, and you can take as many as 3 (23 kg maximum each). Excess weight will cost 12 € per kilogram.

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The free hand baggage allowance on Eurowings flights includes one 55x40x23 cm piece that must not exceed 8 kg plus an additional personal bag or laptop case whose size should not be larger than 40x30x10 cm. If any of these itmes cannot be stored in the cabin at your time of boarding, they will be put on the hold for you at no extra charge.

The checked baggage charges start from 8€ per piece of 23 kg, although they may increase on longer routes and specific dates. When choosing the SMART fare for their plane ticket with Eurowings, travellers get one piece of checked luggage for free, and two when paying the BEST fare.


On Norwegian flights, passengers are allowed to carry one hand luggage item plus a bag or laptop case. The total weight of the two items should not exceed 10 kg (or 15 kg in the case of paying a FLEX fare). If you are flying to Dubai with Norwegian, such weight cannot be higher than 8 kg. The accepted maximum dimensions for the larger bag are 55x40x23 cm and 25x33x20 cm for the smaller one.

The low fare of plane tickets does not include checked baggage, so you must add it manually while processing your online purchase. Applicable fees per checked luggage item vary depending on routes and dates. The payment of superior fares entitles the traveller to add one or two checked pieces of baggage for free. Excess weight will be charged at 11€ per kilogram.

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The cabin size accepted dimensions for hand luggage on Transavia flights are 45x40x25 cm, so if you are flying with a carry-on that does not exceed the indicated size, it is guaranteed that it will travel with you. If your bag is a bit larger without exceeding 55 x 40 x 25 cm and there is no room for it in the overhead lockers, it will be kept in the hold of the aircraft at no extra charge until you reach your destination.

Transavia has its own particular conditions as regards checked luggage: those flying with them are free to distribute a total of 50 kg per person among a maximum of 5 pieces each. Adding checked baggage implies the payment of fees and it is cheaper to do it online and in advance.


An increasing number of travellers are choosing this airline offering long-haul flights between Europe and America, with destinations as alluring as Los Angeles –California– at very competitive fares. When flying with Level, you may have two pieces of carry-on luggage with you on the cabin: the maximum dimensions of the largest one can be 56x45x25, whereas there are no restrictions for the smallest one provided that you can fit it under the seat in front of you.

Travelling with checked baggage implies the payment of additional fees, which vary depending on your final destinations. If you choose a Premium fare for your ticket, you will be able to add one or two checked bags for free.