International airports with shower facilities

Most travellers are familiar with the feeling of waiting at the airport during a layover between flights: being away from home, you always wish you could rest properly, eat better and refresh adequately. As a matter of fact, you surely have had a really tough day using public transportation with all your bags, carrying them to the check-in counter, sitting inside a plane for hours and running across an entire terminal to find your gate, so what could be better than having the chance to refresh before boarding your next plane?

With passengers of long-haul flights who need to make one or several stopovers in mind, international airports across the world are implementing shower facilities (complimentary in some cases and requiring the payment of a fee in others) for travellers to use without the need for purchasing a lounge pass or making a hotel reservation.

When planning for your trip, it is advisable that you know beforehand which airports have showers, its specific location in the terminals and whether they can be used free of charge or not. This way, it will be easier to organise your time between landing and departure and save money. Below, we have gathered useful information about some of the main hub airports where you can take a shower across the world.

Showers in Frankfurt airport, Germany

Frankfurt International airport provides five different shower facilities across Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, which you can head to upon arrival in the A, B and Z areas of T1 (levels 2 and 3), and the D area of T2. They remain open and functional from 6:00 to 23:00 Monday through Sunday. In order to be granted access to this service, you must pay a nominal fee of 6 €, which entitles you to use a towel, body and hair toiletries and a hair dryer.

Taking a shower in Munich International airport

When passing through MUC, you will find showers available both at the Airport Center and in the public area of T2. Travellers who want to use the showers in Munich airport (Germany) are required to pay 15€ plus a refundable deposit; towels as well as body and hair products are provided.

Showers in Narita International airport of Japan

On a long trip to Tokyo, you will probably want to live the experience of showering in Narita airport of Japan. There are shower facilities before and after the security filters, they stay open until 21:00 and are fully equipped with body and face towels, shampoo, shower gel and hair products. 30 minutes in a Narita airport shower cost 1,540 JPY (12€ approximately). This service can only be booked once you are at the passenger terminals and not in advance.

Complimentary airport showers in DXB

Having a layover in Dubai? Passengers of long-haul flights making a connection in DXB can refresh and feel revitalised in the free showers of Dubai International airport, which are conveniently situated in the boarding area of terminal 3 for travellers in transit to use at no cost. Thus, this service has 6 female units and 6 male units next to gates A, 1 female unit and 2 male units by gates B and other two near the C gates.

Showering in Sydney International airport

Also for arriving and departing passengers, there are complimentary showers in the terminals of Sydney airport (Australia) located by the check-in counters and next to the gates after security respectively. In this case, take into account that you will need to provide your own shower products and towel, so we recommend that you have them handy at the time of using these free facilities.

The detailed above are just some examples but, as the number of people travelling internationally for business and leisure increases, and in view of the fact that layovers and stopovers are no longer necessarily made in major hubs, we hope the network of airports offering showers to travellers in transit keeps growing.

Free showers in Seoul Incheon airport

Passengers in transit at Incheon International airport of South Korea may use the shower facilities located in the Duty Free area of Terminal 2 at no charge. This restricted zone is on the fourth floor of the terminal building, and the shower rooms are conveniently distributed on both ends, some being next to Gate 231 and another group next to Gate 268.

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