Being in transit at Incheon airport of Seoul in South Korea

Will you visit Seoul anytime soon? Travellers passing through Incheon International airport to make a connection, catch an early morning flight back home or have an either short or long layover in the Korean city are advised to read the information in this post. Seoul’s ICN is a big hub offering a wide variety of amenities for travellers that are not easy to find in other airports across the world: golf courses, movie theatres, indoor gardens, an ice skating ring, a casino and even a Museum of Korean Culture, aside from its own duty free mall and the usual dining courts and outlets.

Contingent upon the length of your layover in Seoul and according to the guidelines that are detailed below, you will be able to make an estimate of the extra time you will need to allow in order to catch your connecting flight at ICN on time and enjoy what its terminals have to offer. Likewise, should your waiting times require you to stay overnight in Incheon airport, we will also provide options to sleep inside the transit area or close to the terminal buildings.

Do you have a connecting flight in Incheon airport of Seoul?

The facilities of ICN are divided into Terminal 1, the boarding concourse and Terminal 2. Although this might vary, T1 commonly serves as base for the operations of Korean Air, Air China, Asiana Airlines, Thai Airways, United, American Airlines and China Southern Airlines. Most carriers that are members of Star Alliance, One World or SkyTeam –such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Korean Air and China Eastern– operate at the Concourse. And finally, airline companies like Air France, Etihad Airways, KLM, Aeromexico, Delta and Korean Air once again operate to and from T2.

If you are a passenger in transit at Incheon International, transferring between terminals in order to board your next plane will be easy providing you follow a few simple steps. Let’s say, for instance, that you arrive through Terminal 1. You will be on the second floor, and the signage system will guide you to the transfer gates. Go through security again as you would do before a typical departure, and only if you do not have your boarding pass yet, head to the transfer desk on the fourth floor while still on T1. If your next flight departs from this same terminal, go down one floor: the boarding area is located there. Otherwise, go to the basement to ride the complimentary shuttle train transporting passengers in transit at Incheon airport to the boarding gates in the concourse or the departures area on the third floor of T2.

The steps are identical if you arrive through Terminal 2 and need to do the reverse journey. There are two key things not to forget: first, stay alert and look for the auto transfer gates that will lead you along the way; secondly, do not skip your visit to the transfer desk to collect your boarding pass.

Layover in Seoul: sleeping inside Incheon airport

The Incheon airport transit hotel is a great option for those who will not leave the passenger-only restricted area during their layover in Seoul. As a matter of fact, it is exclusively available for travellers who change planes in this hub and have a valid boarding pass to fly. Located in next to the Duty Free in the boarding area of Terminal 1, it conveniently offers flexible rates of 12 hours or 24 hours, helping travellers to save money if their layover lasts just a few hours but they need to sleep, relax or take a shower. Furthermore, it features all the amenities of a hotel inside the passenger terminal: onsite restaurant serving meals and a daily breakfast buffet, fully equipped rooms with free WiFi, showers, towels, toiletries, business centre and a round-the-clock front desk.

*In case your flight departs from T2, there is another Incheon transit hotel in the boarding area of terminal 2.

Accommodation near Incheon International airport in South Korea

When you are having a stopover of one or more nights in Seoul, you may want to stay in a guest house or hotel near Incheon airport (outside the passenger terminals), so as to ensure you won’t miss your flight and maybe to catch up with work and appointments if you travel for business purposes. The hotels below are a short drive away from T1 and both provide transfers to and from the airport at no additional charge.

Incheon Airport Korea House is a budget accommodation situated only 8 kilometres from the beach which offers guest rooms with comfortable beds, complimentary WiFi, tea and coffee maker and private bathroom including shower and toiletries. It has spacious family rooms available as well as communal zones where travellers may cook their meals and dry their clothes.

The Best Western Premier Incheon Airport is a 4-star hotel close to the terminals particularly recommended for business travellers. Aside from en suite standard, premier or deluxe rooms with safety deposit boxes for personal use, it accommodates a gym, meeting spaces, a massage room and an indoor golf course. If you wish, you may select a breakfast-included rate when making your reservation, and so enjoy their ample choice of continental and Korean specialties at the buffet.