Layover in Mumbai airport, India

Mumbai airport in India is the second most important connecting hub of the country behind Delhi International airport, and evidence supporting such title includes the many awards it has received for excellent customer service and world-class operation handling.  The complex of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj (BOM) consists of two terminals (domestic and international) linked by a simple yet highly effective ground transportation network as described below.

Travelling between terminals in Mumbai airport

As you won’t be able to walk from one terminal to another in the event of having to transfer to catch a connecting flight, there are several means of transport available so that you can either go from the domestic terminal in Mumbai airport (T1) to the international terminal (T2) or complete the reverse journey and make it in time for your connection to another country or a regional destination in India. While Terminal 1 is located in Santacruz, the International T2 of Mumbai occupies a large part of the Sahar Village; therefore, it will be much more convenient to take a taxi or shuttle bus for this commute, especially if you are carrying heavy luggage. There are official vehicles specifically designated for transporting passengers in transit and they charge a fixed fare.

WiFi in Mumbai International airport

If you will be spending some hours at BOM during your layover, know that you can connect your laptop or mobile device to their wireless internet network and catch up with work or contact your loved ones. WiFi in Mumbai airport is free and only requires a simple registration process before you can use it.

Taking a shower and sleeping in Mumbai airport of India

While in transit at Mumbai airport, there is no need for you to take a nap on the floor or spend money on a costly hotel room in the surroundings, you can book access to the Aviserv Lounge in the landside of T2 (the international terminal) and transfer to T1 for a domestic connection or catch a flight out of India from the same building after you have got some good rest. However, bear in mind that this lounge is outside the transit area and so you will be requested to clear the passport control to enjoy it. All you need to do is go through security again when the time to board your next flight comes as well as make sure that you are in possession of all the documentation needed to step out of the transit zone.

The Aviserv Lounge in Mumbai airport provides modern facilities that stay open 24 hours a day and feature comfortable sleeping pods, showers and a buffet restaurant for guests, among other passenger services. It is so convenient that you can book the package that suits you best or choose to stay for certain time periods only (thus being able to save money): four hours, six hours or eight hours. Packages may include different combinations of sleeping pod access, shower and breakfast, which is served between 4 am and 11 am every day.

Sleeping in Mumbai airport: transit hotels in Terminal 2 (arrivals and departures) 

If you are looking for a bit more of comfort, there is a transit hotel in Mumbai airport that you will find on level 1 of the public arrivals zone of the international terminal (T2). As it was the case with the lounge, take into account that you will have to go through passport control in order to check in, and then go back to the passenger-only restricted area for your departure. Complimentary WiFi, wellness centre, onsite restaurant, ironing services, lockers, shared TV lounge and car hire counter are just some of the extras offered, very similar to those provided by the transit hotel inside Mumbai airport in the departures area of terminal 2, which features standard and premium ample units with cosy beds, private bathroom with toiletries, coffee and tea amenities and room service. Notice that, as long as you choose the second option, you won’t have to leave the transit zone of the airport.

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