Shared airport transfers: cheaper and convenient

After a long flight, you land in an airport terminal you have never been to before, so you have to do your best to navigate around the unfamiliar setting and find a taxi rank that will take you to your final destination. You do not even know how much the ride will cost or whether the driver is reliable or not. In order to avoid this frequent and unwanted situation, an increasing number of travellers book shared van rides to commute from the airport to their hotel or accommodation in the city both when travelling solo and on family holidays.

This form of cheap airport transportation comes with additional benefits such as higher levels of safety and the opportunity to meet other people going to the same place –and probably attending the same events in the case of business trips-, although the most obvious one is that you will save a considerable amount of money while being able to plan for your travel expenses better by paying a prefixed fare in advance.

How it works

When you choose a shared van ride from the airport as your means of transport to get to your accommodation, you can either make a reservation through the company’s website while making the arrangements for your trip or you can hire the service at the designated counter upon arrival. It must be said, though, that booking well in advance will reduce the usual hassle of your arrival at the new airport and contribute to a stress-free travel experience. What is more, many airport shuttle services offer substantial discounts and promotions when you book online a few weeks or even months before travelling, not to mention that this will guarantee availability on your desired dates.

Most often, you will pay for your shared airport shuttle during the process of online reservation, and the majority of companies are implementing mobile apps for you to manage your booking, store the receipt, add a tip for the driver and locate the van in the terminal upon arrival.

International shared airport shuttle companies

Business travellers who visit different countries in a single year are already familiar with global companies offering their shared vans in airports across the world.

-Super Shuttle has been transporting passengers to and from airports for more than thirty years, and so has become one of the most trusted services of its kind, serving all major air terminals in the United States (including Los Angeles International and Chicago O’hare) and major travel hubs in Europe among which we count the Eurostar high-speed train terminal in London, UK.

-Likewise, GO Airport Shuttle is an equally reliable company offering affordable shared airport transfers at an international level, and among the many places where they operate we find Aspen, Las Vegas, Maui, Puerto Rico, Cuenca (Ecuador), Punta Cana, Cancun, Santo Domingo, Prague and Toronto.

Advantages of shared airport transfers

Your shared shuttle ride will be cheaper than taking a taxi or hiring a private car, and even more important: you will know exactly how much it will cost before getting on the van. While making your reservation online, you will input your airport of arrival and the details of your final destination so that the system can calculate the prefixed fare. At that point, you are free to cancel the booking if you do not agree with the price.

All airport shuttle vans are clearly identifiable since they normally have the company logo on display and the members of the staff wear matching uniforms. They provide meet and greet services at the airport with welcome counters or ticket offices, and usually make sure you go from baggage claim to the vans in no time and without trouble.

During the commute, you will be able to speak to other travellers and share the journey with them, maybe being given info you did not know about the city or recommendations of cool places to go. If their final stop comes before yours, you will have to wait for them to get off and unload their bags, but this is the only delay you will experience.

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