Dealing with excess baggage at Brussels airport in Belgium

Will you be flying out of Brussels International airport in Belgium anytime soon? Providing you have enjoyed a city break or holiday in this popular European capital, you may have been shopping a little too much, be carrying lots of gifts for your loved ones back home or, in case you are leaving home to travel abroad, you might get the unpleasant surprise of discovering you carry overweight luggage at the check-in counter. Whatever the situation, you are about to learn three different ways to deal with the extra weight of your bags and avoid paying excess baggage fees at Brussels airport.

Option 1: sending your extra bags home by courier

If, at the moment of checking in, you find out that your checked baggage exceeds the weight limits or the allowed maximum dimensions, we recommend you visit the desk of DHL couriers located in the public departures hall of Brussels airport (level 0), next to the check-in counters 2 and 3 to be exact. The DHL office is open Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 23:00 and may even come in handy in the event of being in possession of items that won’t go through the security checkpoint. Should you need your belongings as soon as possible upon arrival at your destination, you are advised to choose their International Express services; otherwise, and as long as you do not mind waiting for longer until you get your bags, it is best to pay a lower fare to have them sent. Alternatively, you can plan in advance and go to the DHL office few days before you fly.

Option 2: avoid excess baggage fees by leaving your luggage in the airport lockers

Those who wonder how to deal with excess baggage in Brussels may also resolve to leave the objects which cause their luggage to be overweight inside the airport lockers, although this option applies exclusively to travellers that will fly back into the city after a short trip. Specifically designated for such purpose, this passenger service is offered at a rate of 7,5 euros per each 24-hour interval, and located on level 0 of the landside. Take into account that you can only store 3 pieces of 89x54x80 cm, and so larger items will be admitted into a different section supervised by the staff.

Option 3: fly without luggage by booking the Drop&Fly service

Finally, the idea of flying luggage-free is something that have crossed the mind of travellers many times: skipping the queues, not worrying about one’s bags getting lost and going straight from the plane to the hotel after landing. The possibility of travelling with just one trolley bag, at least, is seen as an ideal situation especially when you need to commute by public transport to your final destination.

Brussels airport in Belgium has taken care of this issue by providing a personalised service of baggage collection and delivery through its official website. Its main advantage is that a fixed price will be set during the booking process, and all that will be left to do is wait for the company representative to collect your bags and then report to the meeting point before departure or upon arrival.

In order to check fares and request the service, visit their website and introduce the dates and scheduled time of your trip so that your extra baggage is collected at your home, accommodation or hotel near Brussels airport and sent safely to the point where you will be able to pick it up again.

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