Find nonstop flights to New York

Do you hate layovers? Are you taking a short city break to New York in USA and would like to arrive in your destination as soon as possible to make the most of your trip? In this post, we will help you find flights without stops to New York from a variety of main cities and airports across the globe. Also, if you are looking for accommodation in the heart of the big apple for your weekend escape, we recommend you take a look at our post “Hotels near Times Square in NY”.

Flying to New York from Europe

European travellers or those visiting the old continent may fly to John F. Kennedy International airport without stops from Adolfo Suárez –Madrid Barajas, Amsterdam Schiphol, Paris Charles de Gaulle and London Heathrow. Nonstop flights from Madrid to New York have a duration of 8 hours and 30 minutes on average and are operated by American Airlines or Norwegian Air Shuttle; while AA operates this route on a daily basis, Norwegian does it only four days a week. If you plan to fly from Amsterdam to the Big Apple, Delta flies nonstop between the two points every day, with similar flying times to the mentioned above. Flying without stops to New York from Paris implies catching any of the American Airlines flights departing Terminal 2A of Charles de Gaulle airport on your preferred day of the week. And finally, British Airways –in codesharing agreement with AA- operates nonstop flights from London Heathrow to New York in USA; these operations start in Heathrow’s Terminal 3 and arrive at Terminal 8 of JFK on also on a daily basis.

Nonstop flights to NYC from Asia

In case you will be travelling from Asia, there are three main cities from which you can fly without stops to New York: Beijing in China, Tokyo in Japan and Seoul in South Korea. Out of Beijing Capital International airport of China, you will need to catch an Air China flight departing Terminal 3; it will take you about 13 hours and 30 minutes to reach John F. Kennedy airport. From Tokyo, you may choose either Haneda or Narita as origin airports depending on your specific travel needs: Japan Airlines connects HND to JFK in 12 hours and 45 minutes, and United connects Narita and Newark Liberty in the same period of time every day of the year. If you are flying from Incheon airport in Seoul, nonstop flights to New York are operated by Korean Air from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 of JFK; flying time is 14 hours approximately.

Flights from Africa to New York

The African continent also boasts seamless connections to the Big Apple, in this case in the form of nonstop flights to New York operated by Delta from Lagos airport in Nigeria (officially Murtala Mohammed International) towards Terminal 4 of JFK. It must be noted that this route is covered with a red-eye flight, that is, one that takes off at night to arrive in its final destination the next morning. Flying time is 12 hours.

Flying to New York from other cities within the United States

The great majority of US airports offer domestic connections with New York, but we are going to highlight the nonstop flights operated from Los Angeles International, San Diego, Chicago O’hare and Dallas Fort Worth. If your USA trip will take you from L.A. to NYC by air, know that you can fly either with Alaska Airlines to Newark with American Airlines to JFK; in both cases, the route is covered several times a day, taking about 5 hours and 20 minutes to be completed. You can also travel from San Diego airport to Newark in New York with United every day of the week excepting Mondays. Flying nonstop from Chicago International airport to La Guardia in New York takes only 2 hours and 5 minutes and is operated several times throughout the day by American Airlines. Lastly, daily flights from Dallas Fort Worth airport to Terminal 8 of John F. Kennedy last 3 hours and 20 minutes on average and are handled by American Airlines as well.

Flying to New York in USA from Australia

Unfortunately, in the case of Australia, it is not possible to fly nonstop to New York, as all flights require making at least one stopover on the West Coast of the United States before touching down on the East Coast. For instance, if you want to fly from Sydney to New York with Qantas or Virgin Australia, you will surely have a layover in San Francisco or Los Angeles, then flying to La Guardia, Newark or JFK with the codeshare partner American Airlines.

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