Self-catering accommodation in Europe

Do you really want to enjoy your holidays this year? Are you going on a work trip that will be decisive for your business? When travelling abroad, certain circumstances call for new necessities, such as being able to organise your own time and have your own space, thus avoiding dependence on external services. If you get the chance to stay in a self-catered accommodation that actually feels like a home away from home and provides you with everything you need to cook your preferred meals at the time of the day that suits you best, it is very likely that you will adapt better to a new time zone, be more productive while you are there and have more energy to live the experience to the fullest.

What are self-catering holidays exactly?

Regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, a self-catering or self-catered holiday enables travellers to experience their stay as though they were locals: staying in a new city or spending a couple of weeks by the seaside yet doing without amenities like room service, concierge, front desk and cleaning staff. This way, they will be in charge of the grocery shopping and will cook whatever they like whenever they feel like it. And, although some places offer optional maid services, visitors will normally be responsible for house chores as well.

Most self-catered apartments, villas, bungalows, flats and cottages include a fully-equipped kitchenette with tea and coffee facilities, oven, vitroceramic hob, appliances, sink and fridge, while many others also supply washing machines, cleaning utensils and clothesline on the balcony or terrace.

What are the advantages of booking self-catering accommodation for your trip?

Often times, when you travel, you seek the perks of being served and catered, for instance, by going to the hotel buffet for breakfast or visiting the onsite restaurant for every meal. Nevertheless, this option turns out to be the most expensive, even when you take an all-inclusive package. Self-catering accommodation is frequently much cheaper than all the other categories, since a good number of expenses are obviously cut out.

Furthermore, this freedom to organise your time and meals translates into a much flexible trip with higher amounts of available time and less stress in general. Vegans, vegetarians and travellers with specific dietary needs –such as gluten-free, sugar-free or low-fat diets- can equally benefit from this modality as it is a guarantee that they can control and know what they eat at all times.

Types of self-catered accommodation

Deciding which type of self-catering holiday you want is easy thanks to the wide array of existing categories. Here you go some ideas:

Studio apartment in the city centre: a perfect option for tourists to go unnoticed and for business travellers to attend their appointments in a more relaxed manner. By staying in a self-catered apartment in Berlin, London or Paris, you will live your trip like a local while benefitting from the chance to immerse yourself in the bustling life of a big city.

Beach apartments are recommended for those looking for a peaceful retreat where they will interact with their travel companions only, unless they are on a solo vacation. In a one or two-bedroom studio apartment with kitchenette you will enjoy all the freedom you need to disconnect from the world during your holiday in Tenerife or Corfu, for instance.

Holiday villas tend to be larger and can accommodate big groups who may be celebrating a special occasion or perhaps organising a hen or stag party. For example, a self-catering villa in Ibiza or Mallorca give you the opportunity to be the real host of your event abroad, as you will be in charge of everything without intermediaries.

Bungalows are a smaller and cheaper accommodation recommended for beach vacations, during which you will also have an equipped kitchen at your disposal, and in most cases virtually everything you will need being far away from home. This category is popular for holidays in Gran Canaria island (Spain) and similar destinations.

If you opt for countryside destinations, look for rural houses or self-catered cottages: Switzerland and Norway have the best ones.

And lastly, many other European capitals like Prague, Kraków or Budapest offer travellers a variety of self-catering flats and rental properties for an affordable, hassle free stay.

Do you already know how to find and secure a self-catered apartment for your next trip or holiday? If you don’t, we advise you to read our article on how to book accommodation online.