Connecting flights at Oslo airport (Gardermoen) in Norway

The main airport in the capital city of Norway is known as Oslo Gardermoen International, lies 35 kilometres northeast of the centre and serves as aviation hub for airlines like Norwegian Air Shuttle, Widerøe and Scandinavian (SAS). As a matter of fact, it functions as a big connecting airport for passengers that embark on a journey towards holiday destinations across Europe such as Malta, Antalya, Menorca, Split, Dubrovnik or Pisa, to mention but a few.

If you are making a connection in Oslo airport, spending the night in its terminal before you transfer to your connecting flight or maybe having a long layover in this Norwegian city, continue reading for some helpful info to organise your waiting time.

Long layover in Oslo airport

Provided that you have too many hours to spare after landing in Gardermoen, we suggest you take a short trip to the city and go on a little tour around the downtown. Trains, buses and other ground transportation options link Oslo airport to the centre, and the one you choose will depend on your travel budget and available time.

High-speed trains from Oslo airport depart regularly and transport passengers to central Oslo in only 22 minutes; one-way ticket fares revolve around 20 euros. Buses covering the same route have similar ticket prices yet they take 40 minutes to reach the city. Taxis and Uber services are available from Oslo Gardermoen, but perhaps the cheapest and most convenient way to get to Oslo city from the airport is to rent a car upon arriving, as long as you have enough time to take this short trip without missing your outbound flight.

Do you have a connecting flight at Oslo airport in Norway?

If you need to make a connection or change planes in Oslo airport, you will proceed differently according to whether you are travelling to an international or to a domestic destination.

International transfers

Making an international connection in Oslo implies that you have arrived onboard an inbound flight from either a Norwegian or an overseas airport and will board a plane towards a destination outside the country; also, you may be flying to a non-schengen country when your journey originated in another country outside the schengen zone. In all of these cases, you will invariably have to go through the security checkpoints again, so collect your bags -unless they have been checked through to the last airport of your journey-, head over to the check-in or baggage drop counter, locate your boarding gate on the information panels and clear security to get into the departures area in time. We advise you to do this first, as there will always be time for shopping and eating while you wait to board.

Domestic transfers

Catching a connecting flight in Oslo towards a domestic destination implies that your journey originated in a Norwegian airport and will end in another domestic air terminal.

If you are travelling within Norway and must transfer to a domestic flight in Oslo airport (Gardermoen), look for gate D2 (marked as yellow), go through customs and proceed to the domestic departures concourse. In this case, your baggage will normally be checked through to be collected at your final destination; nevertheless, if it is not, remember to go to baggage claim and re-check your bags before clearing security again. Duty free shopping is allowed even if you get outside of the transit area, but your purchases must meet specific requirements like being properly sealed in a plastic bag and display the receipt in a visible spot.

Where to sleep in Oslo airport of Norway

Should you need to stay overnight in Oslo Gardermoen International airport, Norway, know that there are two business hotels within short walking distance of the arrivals area: the Radisson Blu Airport Hotel and the Park Inn Oslo Airport. Their facilities are also ideal for business travellers to host work meetings and conferences

That being said, if you would rather search for nearby establishments that suit your travel budget better and offer the guest amenities you look for –including courtesy shuttle services to and from the terminal- we recommend that you browse these other hotels close to Oslo airport in Norway.